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Services & Facilities

Swimming pool

At Vanja you have easy access to the world's largest swimming pool - the sea.

The sea is a nice place to swim around in, however, one must not swim in the sea if we are in port. Nor after the dawn of darkness.



Since Vanja also wants to do a little for the environment, bed linen will be changed every three days if you stay more than one night. Should you for any reason wish to have bed linen changed sooner, please contact one of our crew members.



When you rent a cabin on Vanja, it always includes a delicious breakfast plate

coffee / tea and a big cold

glass of juice.



It is possible to order dinner. Ask for menu cards.  However, all dinner must be ordered before Kl. 14:00 the same day.

Activities at Vanja

Fishing pole

Rent a fishing rod. Ask our ship's staff about the price and the possibility of this. "However, there will be some areas where one is not allowed to fish."


A good cup of coffee

On our deck you can enjoy a good cup of coffee or hot cocoa, and enjoy the peace that comes from looking at the meditators,

blue waves.

"Try it, it's amazing"

Work for your dinner

Yes, you can work on the ship for a few hours or three and get free dinner. The first-come, first-served principle applies here. Since we can only use one at a time.

  "Ask the staff about this."

  Every year there is Funen around.

The Tall Ships Races.

Regatta Room in Flensburg.

Do you want to buy a seat or more for one of these events?  "Should you talk to our staff or our captain."  

Take a walk in that city or area  

we are moored in  

Since Vanja is constantly sailing around to different ports, it is always exciting and cozy to go for a walk around the city in the area, Vanja is at the quay.  

Borrow one of our many table games

Ludo, Chess, On Stripe, Star of Africa, Backgammon, Playing Cards, Domino, Dos, Yatzy, Kalaha, Chinese Chess, Meyer, Stratego, Lowering Battleships, Uno.

"Ask the staff about this."

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